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Our Courses

  Conducted at your location


Our certified instructors make learning a lifesaving skill enjoyable


All classes are

"Live and in Person"

CPR  (Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation)

There are many variations for CPR.

Let us help you choose which type best suits your needs.


Adult CPR

Adult CPR and Defibrillation

Basic Life Support for the Professional Healthcare Provider

Adult, Child and Infant CPR

CPR for the Dental Office

CPR for Childcare Professionals

Who We Are:


Medical Training Associates Inc.



We began on January 1, 1989.

The Director was experienced both as a Firefighter and Paramedic.

He served with the City of Boston, Emergency Medical Services as well as local fire departments.

Today we are the largest independant emergency medical training company in New England.

We train thousands of people and hundreds of companies every year.


Our Instructors.


Our certified instructors go through an extensive training program to become a member of our team.

They must first have a background as an emergency medical provider or a certified educator.




Our Mission:.



To provide quality courses throughout the United States at a reasonable cost.


Our staff will do all in their power to make the client feel comfortable not only in the class but when using the skills.



Our Promise:

After our class the student will feel equiped the the knowledge and skills to meet the goals of the course.

If that promise is not met we will not be a cost to the student.


We follow the ECC Guidlines of 2010.


First Aid

First Aid Can be Tailored to the Needs of Your Organization.




          First Responder?

          First Aid Team Member?

          Dental Office?



Bloodborne Pathogens

(OSHA 1910.1030)

OSHA Requires Many Employers to Provide

Training to Employees that May be at Risk.


There are Several Components to the Training Including:


1) What are bloodborne pathogens?

2) How are these diseases spread?

        3) Personal protection and workplace exposures

4) The employer exposure control plan

Much More.....




For the Foodservice Professional


          This course provides the foodservice workers with the

               information needed to recognize and help the choking person.